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Monday, January 4, 2016

Saudi allies reduce ties to Iran

Iran has been working overtly in the form of support for armed rebellions, and covertly by supporting terrorist networks, to destabilize Sunni Arab states. Iran's leadership has become even more bold in the wake of Obama's nuclear deal which provided them with tens of billions more to sponsor terrorism, while removing the threat of sanctions.
...The tiny island kingdom of Bahrain announced it would sever its ties completely from Iran, as Saudi Arabia did late on Sunday.

Within hours, the United Arab Emirates announced it would downgrade its own diplomatic ties to Tehran, bringing them down to the level of the charge d’affaires and would from now on focus entirely on the business relationships between the two countries.

Sudan also said on Monday it was cutting diplomatic ties with Iran.

The Saudi decision to halt diplomatic relations came after its the mass execution Saturday of Shiite cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr and 46 others – the largest carried out by Saudi Arabia in three and a half decades – laid bare the sectarian divisions gripping the region. Shiite protesters took to the streets from Bahrain to Pakistan while Arab allies of Sunni-ruled Saudi Arabia quickly lined up behind the kingdom.

Al-Nimr was a central figure in the Arab Spring-inspired protests by Saudi Arabia’s Shiite minority until his arrest in 2012. He was convicted of terrorism charges but denied advocating violence...

Toronto Shiites carry quotes advocating violence from a cleric
they deny advocated violence at protest led
by local  Islamic extremist Zafar Bangash

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