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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Today's reason to embrace the death of Canada's mainstream news media

Macleans Magazine, which once used to be an actual news magazine that ran insightful, in-depth articles, is now just a collection of printed brain farts.

Today, they're shocked that Stephen Harper's government would have the audacity to prioritize Syrian refugees who came from the most vulnerable and persecuted populations in Syria's civil war. As it happens, Harper explicitly publicized that policy...
....Harper, responding to a Globe and Mail story, said that when it comes to admitting refugees, his government ensures the selection of the most vulnerable people while keeping the country safe and secure.
...prior to the October election.

...Before last winter, the previous government had only committed to take in 1,300 Syrian refugees from the millions fleeing the civil war there and spilling into surrounding countries.

Former prime minister Stephen Harper had been under intense pressure — including from inside his own cabinet — to increase that total, but only agreed to accept a further 10,000 provided that religious and ethnic minorities were prioritized.

The policy, unveiled last January, was contentious. The vast majority of the Syrian refugee population is Muslim. The decision to hone in on “religious minorities” prompted allegations the government was biased against Muslims and was also violating United Nations principles governing refugee resettlement.

The refugees the Canadian government accepts for resettlement are chosen by the UN. They do not use ethnicity or religion as a basis for determining whether someone requires resettlement to a third country.

But documents tabled in the House of Commons this week in response to a question from the NDP show how the Conservatives found a workaround...

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