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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Tasha Kheiriddin:Trudeau’s cozy relationship with unions will end up costing us coin

Nice work if you can get it. At a campaign rally in Waterloo on September 15, a local union paid 23 members $100 each to stand behind Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau as he made an announcement about investing $750 million in worker training programs.

Problem was, the party didn’t declare the rent-a-crowd to Elections Canada. The Elections Commissioner has now ruled that the Liberals benefitted from the equivalent of a $2,300 donation, which the party has now paid to the Receiver General.

The Liberals claim they were unaware of the payments. But they certainly courted Big Labour’s support during the campaign. In “an open letter to Canadian public servants”published September 25, 2015, Trudeau pledged to repeal several bills that unions didn’t like...

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