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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Bail granted to convicted student in Mandi Grey rape case

The Superior Court ruling is no surprise - the Lower Court Judge made glaring errors in law in his decision. The reasoning behind the decision by Judge Zuker to convict in the trial seemed grounded in Gender Studies theory rather than law. Doing the complainant no favors, the Lower Court's ruling was so blatantly biased in favor of her that it will likely result in a successful appeal:

Just under two weeks after he was convicted of raping a fellow York University doctoral student, Mustafa Ururyar was released on bail Wednesday.

Superior Court Justice Michael Quigley overturned the lower court’s decision last week to revoke Ururyar’s bail. He did not release his reasons immediately, but the previous day in court he openly questioned whether the judge in the case, Ontario Court Justice Marvin Zuker, had a “mind that may be a little too full” with academic texts and tomes on gender-based violence, rape and trauma to deliver a fully impartial ruling.

“That was a jaw-dropper,” said Quigley, referring to the number of academic references cited in Zuker’s judgment which had not been introduced as evidence during the court case. “That raises questions of having a predisposed mind.”

After a six-day trial spread out over six months, Zuker convicted 29-year-old Ururyar on July 21 of sexually assaulting Mandi Gray. The two had been hooking up for two weeks before the night of the assault. Ururyar’s defence had been that the two had consensual break-up sex, and Gray fabricated the rape charge to exact revenge and further her “political agenda” to become a champion of sex assault victims across country. (Gray has waived the publication ban on her name.)

Zuker, in end, found Gray “very credible and trustworthy” and said Ururyar’s version of what happened that night was “a fabrication, credible never.”...

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