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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Free Speech Hypocrisy from Anti-Israel Fanatics

Nadia Shoufani spoke out in support of terrorists. Not freedom fighters, but terrorists who want to murder innocents so that Palestinians can ethnically cleans Israel of Jews. That's her right, but it's not her right to teach in a publicly funded school board.

A few of the usual retread hypocritical anti-capitalist, pro-Hugo Chavez, pro-Iran, radical anti-Israel activists decided to support her. One way of knowing a cause has no validity is if some bizarre asshole like Michael Keefer supports it. Keefer is a proponent of batshit crazy 9/11 conspiracy theories involving an imagined secret US government plot to attack New York. Another of the "activists" who was at the Queen's Park gathering of low-lifes was another academic 9/11 conspiracy nut named Graeme McQueen.

Sue-Ann Levy in The Toronto Sun:

TORONTO - A gaggle of anti-Israel activists turned up at Queen’s Park Wednesday to defend the free speech rights of a Mississauga Catholic teacher suspended following her controversial comments at a recent Al-Quds Day rally.

The panel — consisting mostly of retired professors — claimed repeatedly that Nadia Shoufani is “under attack” and being silenced for exercising her right to freedom of expression about the Israeli “terrorists” who are forcing Palestinians to live “under brutal military occupation.”

“We are here to protest a campaign aimed at sanctioning and silencing her for having spoken on behalf of the rights of Palestinians who are living under brutal military occupation,” said Michael Keefer, professor emeritus of English at the University of Guelph, who admitted to never once visiting Israel or the West Bank.

But when I dared suggest their repeated anti-Israel comments were hateful, my right to free speech was attacked, jeered and treated with insults...

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