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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Millennials outraged over TV show portraying millennials as perpetually outraged

War broke out today between millennial media and the cast and creators of CBS’ new comedy series The Great Indoors, in which Joel McHale stars as an adventure reporter who becomes boss to a group of millennials in the digital department of their magazine. The apocalypse struck TCA this morning...
...Stephen Fry, who co-stars as the charismatic founder of The Great Outdoors magazine, who is a world traveler, explorer and adventurer, jumped in to note there is “an element of coddling” and “an element in which you have it tougher than the generation before.”
“Yeah, no shit,” Millennial Media Member snarked at Fry, whose family “generations before” includes relatives sent to Auschwitz and other concentration camps.
The Millennial Media Member wanted her question answered by Gibbons, not Fry, and said so in no uncertain terms.
“A great example is how you interrupted my answer,” Gibbons shot back...

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