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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Terry Glavin: My, how far the anti-globalization movement has fallen

It took a cartoon appearing in the World Social Forum program in Montreal this week that could have come straight from the pages of Julius Streicher’s Nazi propaganda tabloid Der Stürmer to provide a fleeting glimpse into just how deeply the rot has spread: a hook-nosed Jew vomiting an Uncle Sam caricature, disgorging a long-bearded jihadist.

Put to the crude Khomeinist propaganda purpose of attributing the Wahhabi-inspired terrorism afflicting the Middle East at the moment to the United States and Israel – a lunatic conspiracy theory that enjoys generous toleration among Canada’s self-described “anti-imperialist” activists – it should tell you something that the World Social Forum’s animateurs did not notice anything untoward about the cartoon until it became the subject of a public uproar.

That is how far the “anti-globalization” movement has fallen since the World Social Forum’s first annual gathering in Porto Alegre, Brazil, in 2001. Conceived as an altruistic alternative to the neoliberalism of the World Economic Forum convened annually in Davos, the Forum is now as pleased to draw unambiguously fascist tendencies to its bosom as it is to facilitate note-swapping among vegans who have quarrels with Monsanto’s genetically modified food experiments...

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