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Friday, October 7, 2016

Moronic student leaders at University of Toronto want a Stalinist Show Trial for professor who refuses to use pronouns he doesn't think appropriate

If leftist radicals wonder why sane people think they're ridiculous, brainwashed morons, they may want to get someone smarter than they to explain why statements like this are absurd: "Purposely misgendering a trans person is an act of violence."

University of Toronto Psychology Professor Jordan Peterson has criticized political correctness and refuses to use pronouns he doesn't think are appropriate to mollify people who claim to be "non-binary," a category of person, the existence of which (other than in the extremely rare cases of hermaphrodites) no actual biological science supports, other than to suggest it is a psychiatric disorder.

Some preposterous idiots, who unsurprisingly are student leaders at the University of Toronto, want Peterson officially sanctioned.

The attempt to silence Peterson and make him the subject of a Stalinist show trial is more than insidious. It's basically telling someone that they have to speak and think in a way that conforms to their political agenda and leaves no room for disagreement. It's plainly an Orwellian attempt to manipulate language for political ends, but it's also something worse; it's totalitarianismIt bears out Peterson's comments that campus Marxists are no different than Nazis.

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