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Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Terror of Halloween - when Social Justice Wankers get traumatized by scary "cultural appropriation"

Halloween, that time of year when kids dress up in a variety of scary and strange costumes and get free candy, and adults dress up in a variety of goofy ways, is just about upon us.

Now imagine for a moment what would happen if a bunch of guys in western gear from Oklahoma raised a ruckus about how upset and offended they were because people in Japan were going to dress up as cowboys for Halloween. We'd think the Oklahomans were insane.

But flip it around, and if some American women dress as Geisha for Halloween, you know that "Social Justice" Wankers, those self-appointed guardians of all that is permissible, will have apoplectic fits about the horrors of so-called "cultural appropriation."

The thing that the raging Social Justice Wankers don't understand is that all of human history and human development is what they refer to as cultural appropriation.

It's more than just spaghetti being noodles that Marco Polo "culturally appropriated" from China. The examples also run beyond current near-global concepts of morality, philosophy, and democracy having originated from the Hebrews of the Levantine Basin and ancient Greeks respectively, then combining to form the basis of modern civilization.

Clothing, technology, entertainment, food - most parts of everything affecting people's lives comes from a culture other than the one that they currently practice.

Generally that's considered a good thing. It's the basis of human advancement, for us to learn from each other and to adapt, sometimes copy, and sometimes just play around with aspects of different societies' constructs.

But somehow, thanks to the fanatical, cultural Marxist ideologues who have wreaked intellectual devastation, first on western university campuses and now on society as a whole, in the last decade, one group of people, western, European-based liberal democracies, are prohibited from doing something that has been part of human experience for thousands of years. So you better hide your Speedy Gonzalez sombrero or Sheik of Araby robes, lest some Social Justice Wanker have a tantrum about it.

Part of the issue is that Social Justice wankers define themselves by their activism. It is their primary form of self-identification. But with all the major genuine social justice battles, such as women's rights, civil rights, the battle against real racism, and gay rights being mostly won, a problem now exists for perennial activists. With their entire identity wrapped up in activism, it means they have to continually scour for some new, decreasingly significant outrage about which to become "active."

Left with so few real moral fights to wage, instead they are relegated to expressing themselves though public psychotic episodes about their hurt feelings. So we're treated to scenes like that deranged girl at Yale last year who went mental because Halloween costumes made feel "unsafe," or that hideous transsexual ghoul at The University of Toronto's free speech rally who assaulted a woman because it didn't feel its pronoun choices were given proper respect.

Things have become so absurd that some want to be able to dictate what pronouns you use through the threat that failing to do so will cause an "epidemic" of suicides. The grim reality is that if  a misused pronoun can do you in, then evolution has probably already decided that you're too fragile to survive for long anyway. Yet the radical left's self-described "intelligentsia" haven't been able to figure that one out.

Academia, particularly in what now describes itself as "Social Justice Education" is pretty much completely filled with morons. Actual morons.  I'm not saying that (only) to be insulting and derisive. It's a literal statement of fact. These are people with devalued degrees who are too brainwashed and too stupid to challenge accepted dogma in their lame-assed fields of study to be able to understand the obvious.

Consequentially, we see insecurities ushered along in those areas of extremist, vacuous academia, such as Gender Studies and Social Justice Education. Thanks to an idiotic University culture, fostered by dense ideologues in various branches of Canada's government bureaucracies, we live in a society where victimhood is now considered the pinnacle of prestige. So naturally we have activists striving to invent new categories of victims into which they can either lay claim to being oppressed, or signal their imagined virtue through advocacy and abasing everyone else for insensitivity to a heretofore unknown condition.

But it's more insidious than that. Much more. It's about cultural Marxists intent on dictating what you can and cannot say, and creating an environment where only what they deem acceptable is permissible. 

They are practicing a form of tribal racism and totalitarianism by which they want to dictate that only particular members of one tribe can wear certain clothes and you cannot. Only those words that they say are acceptable can come out of your mouth and you can be punished if you don't use the words of their choosing.

However, there is a way to fight back against the disgusting tribalism of Social Justice Wankers: ignore them. Or better still, when they confront you, tell them that you think their opinions are worthless, because the only race that matters is the human race. You have the right to do that, for now at least.

There may be some signs that the rest of society has finally had enough of Social Justice Wankers and people are beginning to realize how dangerous they are to the health of civilization. The fact that Donald Trump's strikingly politically incorrect presidential campaign might be successful is one such sign.

The threat of a Trump presidency might seem to some an extreme reaction. But it's the extremism of the Social Justice Wankers who brought that reaction along.

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