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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Study of Americans' fears suggests that Trump is much better poised in the election than Clinton

The fears that affect Americans play into Donald Trump's agenda, while making them fear many things which are associated with Hillary Clinton, such as government corruption and having their firearms rights taken away.

From Live Science: 

Credit: Chapman University

We ain't afraid of no ghosts or zombies, according to a new national survey that suggests Americans are most fearful of government corruption.

More specifically, 60 percent of the public fears the corruption of government officials. About half of Americans believe that the government is concealing information about the 9/11 attacks, for example, a new survey suggested...

Perhaps understandably, given the vitriol of the current election season, people's top fear was the corruption of government officials, while the second most-stated fear was a terrorist attack (41 percent).

Rounding out the top-20 list, with percentages of respondents who said they were "afraid" or "very afraid," here are the things Americans fear:
  • not having enough money: 39.9 percent
  • being a victim of terror: 38.5 percent
  • government restrictions on firearms and ammunition: 38.5 percent
  • loved ones' deaths: 38.1 percent
  • economic or financial collapse: 37.5 percent
  • identity theft: 37.1 percent
  • loved ones falling seriously ill: 35.9 percent
  • the Affordable Care Act: 35.5 percent
  • credit card fraud: 35.5
  • biological warfare: 34.8
  • reptiles: 33.2
  • government tracking of personal data: 33.1
  • high medical bills: 33.1
  • the U.S. getting involved in another world war: 32.3
  • global warming and climate change: 32.3
  • nuclear weapons attack: 31.5
  • cyberterrorism: 30.7
  • being hit by a drunk driver/crime: 30.4

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