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Saturday, October 8, 2016

People who spent the last year calling Trump a "misogynist" are shocked to learn he made sexist comments 11 years ago

The funny thing about the election is that no one in their right mind could have ever taken Trump seriously as a candidate for President...Except that the Democrats picked the most corrupt, obviously deceitful, incompetent and unlikable candidate since, well... ever.
Bawdy comments made 11 years ago, which will surprise only those who just first discovered who Donald Trump was 48 hours ago, have sent swaths of Hillary supporters, and a few establishment Republicans, into a spiral of breathless, pearl-clutching, hypocritical outrage.
Meanwhile, we have another dump of Hillary's emails which make it clear she very intentionally lies to voters and that she wants open borders. Trump's sex talk will die down as an issue before this time next week. Hillary's wikileaks problem will get worse as thousands more emails are going to be released in coming days.
Oh, and she opened a can of worms that is going slime her and Bill in terrible ways. If Trump's sex talk comes up in the debate, we now will be hearing about Bill Clinton sexually assaulting women and Hillary bullying and intimidating his victims because of her insatiable hunger for power. It should be great to hear Hillary explain how some jokey talk Trump made over a decade ago is worse than her and her husband's actions that ruined women's lives.
Sunday will probably have the most entertaining presidential debate in the history of the US.

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