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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

University of Toronto student fascists try to shut down free speech rally

In Iraq and Syria, Oppression takes the form of ISIS murdering Christians, Kurds and Yazidis by slow, brutal torture, and taking women and girls as young as 11 as sex slaves.
In Iran, oppression happens when Baha'i are persecuted and thrown in jail for their religious beliefs. Women who publicly criticize the government can be jailed and are often raped by their jailers.
In Burundi, oppression is the widespread rapes and murders committed by government-linked security forces and a foreshadowing of the genocide that happened it its neighbor, Rwanda.
In Afghanistan, oppression takes the form of the subjugation of women, who are the victims of bombings and having have acid thrown in their faces for trying to get a basic level of education.
At the University of Toronto, Gender Studies students say they are the victims of oppression because a Psychology professor won't address them by their preferred pronouns, which have no linguistic or factual scientific basis. They feel they have the right to silence anyone with whom they disagree.
Our universities' so-called "critical studies" programs are producing ridiculous, fascist imbeciles with a massively inflated sense of entitlement. If it weren't so dangerous to the health of society, it'd be hilarious.

The Toronto Star gave an account which is distorted in that it didn't describe the anti-free speech protesters' criminal behavior and attempts to stifle and intimidate free speech advocates at the rally. But it's the Toronto Star, which means you always need to read other accounts to determine what parts of the truth they intentionally omit.

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