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Saturday, October 8, 2016

The cash pipeline opposing Canadian oil pipelines

The suspension of the National Energy Board’s review of the Energy East pipeline review can be traced back to anti-pipeline activism and controversy stemming from a story published by The National Observer.  On the first day of the project’s hearing in Montreal, protestors stormed the meeting room and brought the review to a standstill because of security concerns.

Days later, all three National Energy Board panelists recused themselves in the wake of revelations by National Observer reporter Mike De Souza that two of the panelists had met with former Quebec premier Jean Charest who had not disclosed that he was retained by TransCanada Pipelines, the company looking to build Energy East.

Given the significant impact of anti-pipeline activism, it’s time for an update about who funds it, who is involved, and why this U.S.-funded campaign against Alberta oil is unacceptable...

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