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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Vice Presidential Debate between Mike Pence and Tim Kaine proves Hillary Clinton is the riskier choice

Last night's Vice Presidential debate firmly established that Hillary Clinton is the riskier choice in the upcoming presidential election.

That's not merely because Donald Trump's running mate handily outmaneuvered Clinton's. It's because Tim Paine was behaving like a histrionic beta male unable to control his emotions for much of the debate. And when Hillary is inevitably incapacitated by a stroke or some other ailment over the next four years, it would be Kaine left sitting at the Oval Office desk as America's Chief Executive Officer.

Presidents don't run the country single-handed. They have to delegate to people, and the better presidents choose better delegates. So far, the most important choice either candidate has had to make is who to choose as a running mate and who would potentially lead the country if they could not.

Would America be better off in the hands of the poised, reasoned, even-keeled Mike Pence, or the flustered, sputtering simpleton who was reciting slogans and clearly memorized talking points that Tim Kaine unveiled himself to be last night?

The answer to that question demonstrates that Trump may indeed be more qualified to be president than Hillary.

The pro-Clinton media is desperately spinning the debate as Pence being unable to defend Trump. That's nonsense. It wasn't Trump he was expected to defend but Clinton and Kaine's distorted caricature of Trump. It would have been foolish for Pence to fall into that trap, and he didn't waste time trying, instead making his own compelling case to American voters. Unmentioned by the media was that Kaine was unable to defend the many valid charges against Clinton.

Remarkably, Clinton's team is trying to paint Trump as unsuited for the presidency, while simultaneously glossing over her disastrous ineptitude.

Clinton's running mate Kaine said Trump shouldn't be president because he insulted women and illegal immigrants.

However Clinton, through neglect and gross incompetence, was the engineer of a power vacuum in Iraq that led to the establishment of ISIS; she mishandled thousands of classified emails putting American national security at risk then subsequently tried to cover her tracks by deleting 33,000 of them and having electronic hardware destroyed and; she was the architect of an appalling deal that gives Iran a path to the nuclear weapons club while handing over to them $150 Billion dollars to be used for funding terrorism.

But they say that because Trump insulted a fat porn actress on twitter, it makes him a "risk."

All things considered, it's looking like less of a risk than four more years of Hillary Clinton screw-ups.

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