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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Will our future involve Quantum Levitation?

Boaz Almog of Tel Aviv University demonstrates Quantum Levitation, which could turn out to be the key to the future of transportation and energy

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Anonymous said...

If liquid Nitrogen was not so dangerous This sure would make a excellent toy train for running around the Christmass tree.
Can you imagine the amount of power that would not be needed to run a train of a hundred cars across America fully loaded with every kind of fright you could put aboard. With out the use of virtually any type of fuel. One person could almost push this train to get it started and a solar powered fan to increase the speed. It would change the world of transportation as it is now. We could even have that hover skate board as we saw in Back to the Future Two. A standing O to Tel-Aviv University.
I also notice it was the Tel-Aviv University Israel that accomplished this excellent feat and not the islam strap a bomb to your 6 year old and kill infidels university or commonly know as brand X. Heltau