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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Islamic conference featuring anti-Semitic, anti-Gay speakers to relocate to Islamic Society of North America Canadian Headquarters

A conference of anti-Semitic, anti-Gay Muslim extremist speakers held by the Islamic Education and Research Academy (IERA)  lost its venue at Toronto's Sheraton Centre, after the nature of the conference was publicized. The hate conference will relocate to the Canadian headquarters of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) at 2200 South Sheridan Way, Mississauga, according to the group's facebook page.

The ISNA is the organization that provides Halal certification for food that religious Muslims are allowed to consume. They charge for that type of certification, so in a sense, purchasing Halal food certified by ISNA supports hate-mongering.

By giving a venue to a conference of speakers who have called Jews cursed and Christians filth, and have called for the murder of homosexuals, the Islamic Society of North America is showing its true face. This development shows some of the failures of a multicultural society that calls for diversity, yet seems unable to deal with hatred and intolerance expressed by a major organization representing an ethnic minority.

This presents a major challenge for Canadian multiculturalism and the cowardice and inadequacy of political leaders who have embraced massive immigration, yet have ignored the dangers of importing people from cultures where hatred of "the other" is a cultural norm.

Did our politicians think that Canadian multiculturalism is a magical spell that would metamorphose massive numbers of immigrants from backwards countries into tolerant, reasonable people who would abandon the bigotry that was a basic component of their former homes' cultural and educational foundations?

This short-sightedness on the part of our politicians has created a situation in Canada that has the danger of Balkanizing this country. The extremest IERA is already boasting that, "We are an ummah alhamdulillah that is much larger than Jewish and LGBT activists andas an ummah both in Canada and Globally we are already contributing immensely to the social welfare of our society and so our voices cannot be drowned out and the truth will not be silenced with the permission of Allah."
If the speakers they promote are any indication, their version of "the truth" that "will not be silenced with the permission of Allah" is that  Christians and Jews and Gays should be the object of hate. The issue that this highlights for Canadians is the necessity of immigration reform and that Canada's multicultural experiment ushered in by Pierre Trudeau is beginning to collapse. Unless it is rectified soon, Canadian values of tolerance and freedom may crumble along with it.