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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Canada's "Occupy" Movement: Intellectually vapid activists desperate for attention

We saw some of the intellectual bankruptcy that characterizes the current "Occupy" movement in the form of Senate page Brigette De Pape, who, after unfolding a homemade protest sign during a joint Parliamentary session, proclaimed "Canada needs its Arab Spring."

Her statement reflects a lack of intelligence among a certain class of activists rather than the frustration of the Canadian populace about the failure of our democratic institutions. Remember, when De Pape unveiled her crayon drawing, Canada had just seen a free, fair, democratic election. But the problem for her was that the NDP, her party of choice, lost.

For De Pape and the vacuous, aggrieved losers that lionize her, that wasn't an indication that their ideas and policies had ben rejected by the vast majority of Canadians, who between them voted overwhelmingly for the Conservatives and Liberals, both of whom have similar economic programs. For the radical activists, it was a call to "resistance."

Understand what that really means. These people are anti-democratic fanatics who think that because they lost an election, they have the right to ignore it and rebel against its outcome.

There were provincial elections in Canada last week. In Manitoba, the socialist NDP was victorious. Are there calls by Conservatives and Liberals to "resist" the democratic choice made by that province's electorate? There are not.

But when the Conservatives win an election, radical wannabe-autocrats betray their agenda.  In that sense, perhaps De Pape was telling the truth about her wishes for an Arab Spring in Canada. What started as a popular movement remains in danger of being usurped by power-crazed totalitarian religious zealots who want to impose their will on their countries and deny them democracy, just as the Khomeinists did in Iran in 1979.

For the "Occupy" movement, the religion is Marxism and the liturgy, if they get their way, will resemble the worst abuses of Lenin and Stalin.

There are vehicles for change in democratic societies such as ours. Protests are valid forms of them, but protests are not entitled to take peoples freedom of movement and livelihoods away, as the "Occupiers" intend. Free speech and a free press are other means by which citizens of democracies can mobilize. Yet is it notable how many on the radical left oppose free speech. Their commitment to free speech was demonstrated by their failed attempt to have the conservative Sun-TV news network banned in Canada. Their idea of free expression is "free speech for me but not for thee."

Some of the "Occupy" activists have, long before the movement emerged in the United States, already called for violent revolution in Canada. Democracies don't need violent revolutions. We have regular, peaceful revolutions in the form of elections, in which the people have the opportunity to overthrow the current government and replace it. Or retain it if they choose.

Democracy is the will of the people and not all, but quite a few of the "Occupiers" are attempting to undermine democracy for their own ends.

The "Occupy" movement in Canada are largely made up of Marxofascists who seeks to mobilize the left. They will fail because most leftists aren't idiots. They understand the democratic process and that Marxism leads to less (actually none whatsoever), not more democracy. Be prepared to see the usual suspects out there trying to co-opt the protests to their own ends. OCAP, No One Is Illegal, International Socialists, Queers Against Israeli Apartheid, the (misleadingly named) Canadian Peace Alliance. And the tiresome, hackneyed speeches from the likes of Naomi Klein, Syd Ryan and Judy Rebick. Thankfully, when you see one of these groups or individuals associated with something, you know it has absolutely no credibility.

These Canadian "Occupiers" should keep something in mind. They are the most vocal supporters of resistance to occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan and Palestine. They should be prepared to meet resistance to their attempt to occupy Canada.


Anonymous said...

Ok, then let's just TOTALLY forget about our government's major problem with borrowing money from foreign banks instead of PRINTING ITS OWN MONEY at NO INTEREST. our tax dollars pay for this country's federal debt ONLY. LOTTERIES pay for your kid's education! HOW CAN YOU SIT THERE AND JUST WATCH THIS HAPPEN. The system is broken. We will reclaim our power, as people who make up the 99% affected by the 1%. BANKERS and CORRUPT POLITICIANS. Freedom isn't given to you, you must take it.

Richard K said...

Yeah, sure, that just print money plan worked out great for Weimar Germany.

Education is funded through taxes, donations and tuition. There are poroblems that need to be addresed, but the bozos at these protests a) don't even know what they are - Canada's banking system is NOT the same as the US

and b) have no intelligent solutions.

What you have is a bunch of clueless buffooons who want an excuse to show they're "activists" and some very bad players and nutjobs, like OCAP and No One is Illegal who want to coopt these protests to spread their anti-capitalist message.

Try living in one of the Marxist paradises these imbeciles admire, like Cuba, and see how great life is there.