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Sunday, October 30, 2011

OISE wants to Decolonize Canada!! Let's start with 252 Bloor Street West in Toronto

The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), the home of fanatical programs that guide its students to view people less as individuals than representatives of their racial group, is promoting the idea that Canada is an evil, colonialist outpost and wants us to begin the process of "decolonizing."

So either they are sincere or a bunch of hopeless hypocrites. If the "equity and decolonization advocates" at OISE mean what they say, they can start by handing over one of the country`s most covetable pieces of real estate at 252 Bloor Street West in Toronto back to the Iroquois Indians who were occupants of the area when it was colonized by the Europeans. But then the Iroquois would need to return it to the Hurons, whom they drove out prior to claiming the land for themselves. Oh well, that`s the trouble of pointing the finger of `colonizer`at people, since as we all came out of Africa many millenia ago, there isn`t a place on earth that is owned by its original occupants. But that kind of information might overload the brains of the sort of people who choose to pursue an area of study at the bottom end of the academic scale like OISE`s Sociology and Equity Studies in Education program.

But with their devotion to decolonization, I look forward to seeing a Native Cultural Centre replace the vapid programs  on the vast property which the University of Toronto has allowed OISE to transform into a fortress of stupidity.

A Native Centre would be the best use the building has been put to in the last two decades. But don`t hold your breath waiting for OISE to overcome its self-interest and hypocrisy.

h/t Scaramouche

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