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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

OISE: The Mordor of Education

Sitting like an imposing fortress built in a style that has come to be known as Brutalist architecture, the spawning ground of the policies and curriculum that form the basis of education in Ontario looms as an evil presence on a quiet stretch of Bloor Street in Toronto's Annex neighborhood.  Inside are bitter academics and angry students who are actively trying to undermine the values upon which Canadian society has been based for years.

It's the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, or as it's known by its acronym,  OISE. This faculty of the University of Toronto has been the center of controversy for years. Criticism of practices there has become more intensified since 2010, when an anti-Semitic thesis produced at OISE was condemned across party lines in the Ontario Legislature.

Ben Levin's doppelganger with Justin Trudeau
and Kathleen Wynne in June 2013
OISE has yet again become the center of a storm with this week's news that one of its most senior academics, Professor Ben Levin, was charged by police with a number of offenses related to child pornography.

So far, much of the focus related to Levin's position at OISE has concerned his role as an advisor to Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne. The question is an apt one, as Wynne has pledged to impose a curriculum that was withdrawn by her predecessor, Dalton McGuinty, after it succumbed to widespread denunciation about its introducing highly sexualized material to children at an inappropriately young age.

Wynne, a graduate of OISE, was Education Minister while Levin was Deputy Education Minister. For those not familiar with the way the government and civil service work, the Deputy Minister is the most senior civil servant in a Ministry, usually appointed directly by the Minister, and is responsible for all the day-to-day operations and ongoing strategic development. To compare respective roles in the private sector, the Deputy Minister would be the CEO while the Minister would be the Chairman of the Board who holds final authority and sets general direction, but has little involvement in the actual running of the organization.

In effect, Kathleen Wynne, as Chair of the Board, made Ben Levin CEO of a multi-billion dollar corporation charged with providing public education and their top priority was to teach pre-pubescent children about homosexuality and masturbation.

To understand why, one needs to understand the culture and the overarching operational philosophy at OISE.

The school itself has programs that ostensibly are supposed to teach how to educate, but their actual stated goals are to create activists to promote very particular agendas in public schools. These agendas are rooted in Marxist theory and based in large measure upon Pedagogy of the Oppressed,  the seminal work by the late Brazilian Maoist educator, Paulo Friere. The instructors at OISE are largely made up of Marxists who deplore capitalism and despise the current federal Conservative government. They see most of the world's ills deriving from capitalism and what they refer to as "the patriarchy." To combat these perceived ills, they are determined to produce generations of students as soldiers to do battle against their ideological enemies.

Degrees in these types of programs, such OISE's Department of Humanities, Social Sciences and Social Justice are incredibly easy to acquire and so some students enroll knowing their advanced degrees are all but guaranteed. Most are true believers who go to have their biases confirmed, but many others are intellectual featherweights who are readily susceptible to the daily indoctrination they receive in their OISE classes.

The culture there is one of people who identify primarily with their activism. It is also a place where much of the focus of that activism is shaped by the proportion of Gay students, which is enormously inflated at OISE compared to the rest of society. It is from these influences that a sexualized curriculum emerges.

Many, if not most who support Gay Rights and believe in the right to Gay marriage would be scandalized by OISE's twisted dogmas. Gay advocates and their supporters have long accepted the scientific evidence that sexual orientation is a predetermined characteristic. But at OISE, they teach that gender is not biologically pre-determined but a choice.

This is a place where they worship someone like the radical fanatic Judith Butler, a founder of "Queer Theory"  who thinks the terror group Hezbollah is a part of the "progressive left." The ranks of groups like the polemical nitwits of Queers Against Israeli Apartheid are harvested from the crops at OISE.

Though homosexuality is prevalent in a small minority of the population, and as any biologist could confirm, is an anomaly from the Darwinian function of a species, which is to procreate, at OISE, they rail against "heteronormative" and "gendernormative" society which they hope to reform in their own image.

That is the idological foundation from which the Ontario Sex Ed and other radical components of the curriculum was derived. They operate with the goal of conditioning children to create a world  as OISE wants it, where boys can choose to be girls and vice versa, where terrorists, should they be from non-western cultures, are automatically oppressed victims. And where the sooner that is instilled in the psyche of children the better. Since someone has to understand sexual function in order to understand the oppression of a heterosexist, gendernormative society, for OISE it becomes imperative to expose children to sexuality at as early an age as they can.

In fact, if there ever was a place where the lunatics are running the asylum, it is the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, and that is in the most literal of terms. PhD's  there have been awarded to people with severe, diagnosed mental illnesses, whose Doctoral theses have been barely coherent gibberish.  Armed with their OISE-provided weaponry, they then become "qualified" to disseminate their lunacy further in the guise of being "accredited experts."

The charges against Ben Levin have not yet been proven in court. But those familiar with what goes on at OISE know that he was far from being the most radical teacher in that institution.

A Toronto blogger known as Blazing Cat Fur recently received a visit from police for ironically musing that "OISE...needs to be purged or burnt to the ground, whichever is more effective."  The real irony there is that more attention was paid to what Blazing Cat Fur wrote than the depravity at OISE which caused such a comment.  The more one knows about OISE, the more it becomes apparent that is a diseased place that infects anyone inside its Brutalist walls.

Thanks to comments at Small Dead Animals for the suggestion of the video assessment of OISE (above)


UPDATE: As of now, Toronto Police have added two more charges related to Child Pornography that Levin will face (h/t Marvin W)

As an interesting aside, Ben Levin's brother Matthew is Canada's Ambassador to Cuba


The Hammer said...

Cuba eh? Known as the top spot for child sex tourism once Cambodia started cracking down 6 years ago.

Anonymous said...

I had entertained the idea of moving back to Ontario YOURS TO DISCOVER ... but then, what I discovered is that Ontario is in the grip of very sick and disgusting people .... Namely the perverted premier and some of her minions... Not to mention an army of misinformed teacher who are destroying millions of children's lives.

Anonymous said...

Excellent summary insofar in the ongoing accumulation the mound of filth being perpetrated in near secret, all but ignored for the bloggers and Sun News.

And the vid at the end really ties it up...but just who is Jabba the Hut when it comes to the educational mess we've seen uncovered, from the Mosqueteria to instructions on how to give a blow job?

Gilles Pembroke

Teechir said...

I think his defence will be that it wasn't pornography, those were new proposed OISE children's instructional videos on sex by adults with children that was to be part of the Wynne governments new school curriculum.

Anonymous said...

Spot on piece and well written to boot.

The Ministry of Education, in true marxist fashion, developed a Speak-up program for students, providing them with the false illusion their voices are being heard. That the lofty goals like inclusion, the environment, diversity and so forth is really their own idea and initiative.

The student video found in the link below is ultra politically correct-it's the type you need to see it to believe it.

Speak-up is costing Ontario taxpayers millions; it's one more reason why the education spending has ballooned with no academic returns to show for it.


Anonymous said...

Read a news article recently that stated that Montreal is the top sex tourism spot in North America.


Anne said...

Why am not surprised?

Anonymous said...

How is the fact that John Baird assigned Levin's brother to be ambassador to Cuba at all relevent?

Richard K said...

The brother being Ambassador to Cuba is just a curious aside, and nothing more; it's not really relevant to this. There has been no suggestion of any wrongdoing by him of which I'm aware.

Anonymous said...

I bet Levin and Wynn are fanatic fans of Alfred Kinsey and Harry Hay. As they say, extremists think alike.

Force Of Nature -- The Whole Truth from an Independent Perspective said...

We often are accused of being homophobic, when, in fact, we are simply disgusted and repelled by homosexuals. They are not only posing a serious threat to our children with Ontario society, but they have also inflicted serious personal damages to many of our family members and friends. Homosexuals perform no useful purpose to society, except to act as a gateway to pedophilia. Homosexuality is a lifestyle choice, and not a genetic prerogative, and society must provide no support, financial or otherwise. WILLIAM H. GATHERCOLE AND NORAH G

Richard K said...

Well, William and Norah, I have to say I think you're wrong on a number of counts.

There is a lot of scientific evidence that supports the opposite of your beliefs. There does seem to be a genetic predisposition to homosexuality and it becomes more prevalent in a variety of species as ecosystems become overpopulated.

It is also grossly unfair and inaccurate to equate homosexuality with pedophilia. There is plenty of heterosexual pedophilia too, and Mr. Levin's charges involve an underage girl, if this CTV report is correct.


The many outrageous things going on at OISE are in part driven by an extremist activist "Queer Studies" movement at that faculty, as well as its reprehensible Marxist bent. But to say that is typical of all Gays is as unfair as blaming all Eastern Europeans for Marxism.

Anonymous said...

Levin is a jew, and that's all you need to know.

Richard K said...

re the comment above, that came all the way from Bucharest, Romania. Some Nazi imbeciles have discovered this item and do what they always do, which is spew hate to try to make themselves feel better about being worthless losers.

Unknown said...

OISE was a communist septic tank back in the'70's when I was attending UofT. The rot runs deep after so many years...