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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Communist-promoting Toronto District School Board leaders have a learning disorder

Some people never learn.

We all know a few of them - they aren't too bright; they aren't able to process information or to draw lessons from experience the way others can. They just never quite get it.
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You'd figure those are the last people who you'd want teaching your children. In Toronto, it's worse than that. In Ontario's capitol, they're running the school board and are in charge of the curriculum.

Here's an example.

With the myriad examples of the behavior of Communist governments, like he brutality of the Soviet gulags whose murders and horrors closely rivaled the Nazi death camps, the Cultural Revolution in the People's Republic of China which, designed to impose Maoist orthodoxy, claimed 30 million innocent lives, the tyranny of Castro's totalitarianism which eliminates dissenters, and with the starvation, brainwashing, and slave labor in North Korea, a rather clear pattern is evident.

Of course there are those sad, desperate ideological hold-outs who maintain that the problem isn't communism but the way in which it has been implemented.

But in every single instance that communism has ascended to national rule, the result has been repressive totalitarianism.

After the example of its causing 100 million deaths and generations that suffered debilitating repression of freedom in every aspect of their lives, you might think that anyone who isn't a complete imbecile would realize by now that communism isn't such a great idea.

Enter the pinheads of the Toronto District School Board.

TDSB Praising communism
Nurtured at the neo-Marxist ideological cesspool that is the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, TDSB senior staff have bought hook, line, and sinker into the anti-capitalist brainwashing that occurs there, and are spreading that poison to children in Toronto's public schools.

Previously embarrassed by their extolling of the murderous totalitarian Che Guevara, the TDSB's commissars, as is their pathetic pattern, still haven't learned their lesson and are repeating deplorable errors.

The TDSB is continuing to post material extolling El Salvador's Communist Party, offering uncritical lessons and questions about communism, as if it were no different than Hobbesian Equality.

from the TDSB Black Panther lesson
Other material taking a laudatory approach to the racist, violent Black Panther organization refers students to Marxist material. Because, after all, in the apparent view of the TDSB, if you can't trust totalitarian fanatics devoted to the overthrow of western democracy, who can you trust?

The examples go on and on. TDSB material with a student giving her glowing account of attending a school-sponsored excursion to protest with the violent anti-capitalist group, The Ontario Coalition Against Poverty,  or material postulating OISE-like claptrap such as that only white people can be racist and oppressive. 

With the recent demise of the TDSB's OISE-educated former Education Director, the serial plagiarist Chris Spence, the current school board leadership may think some pressure is off. The recent rise to the Premiership by OISE-educated Kathleen Wynne may have emboldened them further. 

But in the end, pressure needs to come from the regular citizens of Ontario, who themselves need an education. Because at the end of the day, the Toronto District School Board doesn't care about children, it doesn't care about parents, it only cares about its own politicized social agenda. The public needs to learn the filth that the Toronto District School Board in inflicting daily on its captive audience of impressionable children.

h/t Matthew at Eye on a Crazy Planet's facebook group

UPDATE: The TDSB caves under pressure

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