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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Palestinian "human rights" group chairman calls Holocaust a "fairy tale"

In an article that sounds more like a parody of a supervillain from an Austin Powers movie than a serious representative of the Palestinian people a call for "the Zionist entity" to pay $500 billion dollars to Egypt for  "crimes against Egyptian people and state" was punctuated with a description of the Holocaust as a "fairy tale."

Mustafa Ahmed Abul Khail, the Chairman of the Advisory Council of the Palestinian Association for Human Rights, provided yet another example of the idiocy and backwardness that characterizes the Palestinian leadership and has made the Middle East peace process such a seemingly impossible task.  

Compounding these difficulties is Egypt's recently-elected Muslim Brotherhood President, who has, in the tradition of Islamic anti-Semitism,  called Jews "the descendants of pigs and apes" and by means of explanation, told a US Senate delegation that the problem was due to the fact that Jews control the media.

The fanaticism, ignorance and hatred that is so pervasive Arab and Islamic countries will present a tremendous ongoing obstacle to their ability to be taken seriously by the west. As western hypocritical so-called progressives will accuse criticism of Islamic countries as "racis,t" they continue to patronizingly absolve those countries of the most vile racist practices. The reality for those familiar with the regressive left is that their racism exceeds no bounds and is only surpassed by their dim-witted sanctimony.

h/t Blazing Cat Fur and Elder of Ziyon

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