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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mayhem at French anti-Gay marriage protest

Crowds estimated up to 350,000 marched through the streets of Paris to protest proposed laws legalizing Gay marriage in France.

The feminist group Femen, famous for protesting in the nude, immersed themselves into the crowd to stage a flamboyant counter-protest and mayhem ensued as they were attacked.


Anonymous said...


Richard K said...

I published anonymous comment above comment because I believe in free speech. But the sentiment of killing Gays is despicable, wrong and outright evil. It is no better than picking any other group of innocent people and advocating killing them based on no other reason than their identity. "Kill Gays" is something Nazis and Islamofascists would express and both are among the most reprehensible ideologies to ever have fouled the Earth.

Anna said...

I'm a Muslim, and I find your use of "Islamofascist," especially juxtaposed with Nazis, as highly offensive and sadly ironic. You criticize those who pick on homosexuals as "evil" (and it IS wrong, don't get me wrong), but then you go on and use that same hateful rhetoric to criticize a religion beloved by nearly 2 billion people. Homophobia IS bigoted and narrow-minded, by so is Islamophobia. There are Christians, Jews, and others who also despise homosexuals and homosexuality, but I think it's telling that you ignore them and focus solely on Muslims.

Richard K said...

There are indeed members of every religious group who despise homosexuals. But to my knowledge, in the 21st Century, it is only certain Muslim religious leaders who are saying that Gays should be executed and it is only in Muslim countries with Sharia Law that execute and torture Gays.

That term "Islamofascist" would and should be offensive if it were meant to describe all Muslims. It is not. But a distinct segment of Islamic religious teaching and practice is totalitarian, fascist and is a religious equivalent of Nazism. It is the type of Islam practiced by the Muslim Brotherhood, the Iranian Mullahs, the Wahhabi, the Islamic leaders who led the mass murders of Christians in Pakistan and terrorism against Hindus that is ongoing, etc, etc.

Not all Muslims are "Islamofascists" but enough of them are for it to be a serious problem, and denying its existence or attributing it to "Islamophobia" is dishonest and does nothing but perpetuate the problem.

Anonymous said...

Fairley certain painting "Fuck Church" on yourself is NOT helping get your point across.