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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Jonathan Kay discussing Sandy Hook conspiracy theories on CNN with Anderson Cooper


Chris Sarns said...

America has been brainwashed into equating "conspiracy theories" with "nut job" while being sold the nuttiest conspiracy theory of them all.

Any crime committed by two or more people is a conspiracy, by definition. Any conspiracy is a theory until proven in a court of law.

"OBL and 19 hijackers attacked us on 9/11" is a conspiracy theory.

If you actually stop and think about that, it's virtually impossible. The Pentagon is the most heavily defended building in the most heavily defended city in the world.

Allowing a plane, that they saw coming 50 miles out, to fly into the nation's capital, make a 270 degree turn while dropping 7,000 feet and hit the Pentagon without anyone taking a shot at it is a bit much to believe.

This was arguably the biggest military screw-up in our history but no one lost their job.

In Britain, those responsible would resign.
In France they would be fired.
In Russia they would be shot.
But in America, they were promoted.

You get promoted for getting the job done, not for screwing up.

Think about it.

Chris Sarns said...

The police radio calls have been posted on the internet and have been authenticated by police.

There was a suspect taken into custody shortly after the police arrived. This is not the man they caught in the woods around noon.

First call was at 9:36. First units arrived in about 2 minutes. They had a suspect in custody 6 minutes later.

9:39:03 (3:32) "… reports that a teacher saw 2 shadows running past the building, past the gym which would be … rear …"

9:39 11 (3:41) "(unintelligible) shooting …"

9:39:20 (3:50) "Yeah, we got 'em. (excited) "They're coming at me down Curt's way."

9:39:32 (4:01) (excited and winded) "Come up the drive on the left side."

9:41:20 (5:50) "I got party on th… I got him proned out."

9:42:25 (6:55) "Be advised. 7-2 (unintelligible) echo. It's over. (unintelligible)

9:44:30 (9:00) "party in custody"