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Monday, January 7, 2013

Why you should support Blazing Cat Fur

One of the real benefits the Internet has brought to society is the advent of the Citizen Journalist.

Mainstream media is beset by a number of conflicting interests. They have advertisers they must make sure are not offended, political interests they fear can harm their financial interests. Big media is made up of people and people have biases. These biases are reflected in their output. Democracies may have (to varying extents) free speech, but self-interest and those same biases can lead to self-censorship and selective reporting.

That's where bloggers can make a big difference.

Unconstrained by some of the same concerns, yet operating with far fewer resources, some dedicated individuals have made it their mission to see that matters that affect the public interest are out there so that people can be aware of them.

And sometimes, these bloggers do this at significant risk. They can be subject to threats to personal safety and are sometimes subject to frivolous law suits.

That's what is happening to the most important of Canada's political bloggers -  Blazing Cat Fur.

Blazing Cat Fur has exposed a vast number of items about malfeasance in the education system, government, Islamic radicalism and media hypocrisy. His coverage has often forced the issues into the mainstream media and has led to government action.

Blazing Cat Fur, at his own expense, has been standing up for the average Canadian and is now being sued by one of Canada's most prolific serial litigators. It's a lawsuit that probably wouldn't hold up in the USA, but because of Canada's antiquated libel laws, Blazing Cat Fur is forced to fight it in court.

He has been standing up for you, and now it's your turn to stand up for him.

There is a fundraiser for Blazing Cat Fur tonight. The details are here. If you can't show up in person, make sure you visit his page and make a donation there. By helping Blazing Cat Fur, you'll be helping the cause of free speech in Canada.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, I don't support online defamation. With blogging power comes blogging responsibility - didn't BCF see Spiderman?

Richard K said...

I'm not aware of an instance where he has ever defamed anyone - he has however frequently exposed people and institutions that have disgraced themselves.

Anonymous said...

Have you read the Statement of Claim?

Anonymous said...

So I guess when you were raising money for Blazing Cat Fur you didn't realize the cash would be going to Richard Warman? Isn't irony wonderful? Here's are the links if you don't know what I'm talking about: