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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Iran upset Canada is training troops in Mali to fight against Islamist rebels

Iran's English language propaganda service, PRESS TV, which recently partnered with Liberal leadership Candidate Justin Trudeau's brother and political advisor Alexandre to help obfuscate its nuclear ambitions, has been working hard recently to malign Canada. This was spurred in part by the Canadian government's decision last fall to break diplomatic relations with the Islamic dictatorship.

PRESS TV has employed a crackpot 9-11 conspiracy theorist named Joshua Blakeney to be its Canadian correspondent and true-to-form, he regularly submits bizarre conspiracy-laden pieces nonsensically accusing the Canadian government of a variety of insane-sounding transgressions.

More malevolently, Iran is trying to ferment trouble in native communities, and attempting to create a 5th column among both aboriginals and conservative Muslims living in Canada.

Those efforts are reflected in references to Canada's aboriginals in PRESS TV's story this week condemning a recent  announcement that Canadian troops will train soldiers in Mali to combat Islamist rebels in the north of that troubled African country.

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