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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Going off the reservation: Pseudo-natives plan protest against Sun Media

A handful of Natives along with a bunch of oddball white folk who like to pretend they have native roots, plus some of the usual, bitter suspects from the perpetually-aggrieved left are planning a protest against Sun Media this coming Saturday.

Ostensibly, the cause of their ire is alleged anti-First Nations "racism" from Sun Media, but that is rather clearly a ruse for the attention-whores involved with the protest. What has really got their goat is how Sun News has exposed the corruption, waste and malfeasance occurring on many Native reserves that is being funded by the Canadian taxpayer.

Sun has also led the way in showing that the preposterous Idle No Move protests are staged nonsense. When its icon, Theresa Spence, went on a so-called hunger strike, it was Sun News that showed how she is actually taking in more calories during her supposed fast than the average Ethiopian on a regular day. The links between the union-funded, withering Occupy movement and Idle No More has also been something people affiliated with the later group were enraged at Sun News for having exposed.

Among the participants who have so far signed up on the protest's facebook page are public service union honcho John Baglow, who operates the blog Dr. Dawg. Baglow was the plaintiff in a libel suit he launched, and lost, because his feelings were hurt in a rancorous online debate.

Another particiant is a reporter from the fanatically radical, neo-Marxist website rabble.ca, the operating budget of which is mainly funded by unions and is published by the spouse of NDP Deputy Leader Libby Davies. Krystalline Kraus is rabble.ca's resident Indian-o-phile whose facile writing refers to North America as "Turtle Island," a pseudo-Native sounding term that was invented by white leftist activists in the 1970's and has no history of use by Native tribes in North America. Of course, there is no evidence to suggest that  First Nations ever believed the North American continent was an island. It took stupid white leftists to invent that version of history.

Kraus actually credulously reported, evidently based on wishful thinking and delusion,  that a defrocked, discredited United Church Minister and fringe Native movement hanger-on named Kevin Annett "performed an exorcism rite in St. Peter's Square, which was followed 12 hours later by a tornado - almost unprecedented in that time and place - which devastated central Rome and the Vatican."

For similar stupidity and a collection of unhinged weirdness, you can watch the protest Saturday afternoon - the details are at the group's facebook page.

h/t Genuine Witty


Anonymous said...

Well if you are judged by your enemies, I would say that Sun News is a doing a fantastic job!

Man with Hat said...

Update. In the comments on Facebook, many like Dawg, who must remain in Ottawa, have only signed up to go "in spirit". I wonder how many spirits will show up at St. James park at 2 P.M.

xtofury said...

awesome post bro! Keep fighting the good fight!

Anonymous said...

wow,Levant is one of the most
commentators around his passive
aggressive attack on the first nations people is evil,his racist elitist neocon views are displayed within everyword that comes out of his mouth,i had to laugh when he stood high and mighty when confronted by idle no more protesters,he knew what he was doing,neocons believe any groups like idle no more for instence,are advancing their own interests,at the expense of the general public,why you guys keep first nations are getting millions of dollers at the expenxe of tax payers money,what a lie,Deception by omission is a common neocon technique,scary what you guys are doing in the media,creating hate racism,with neocons The weak are targeted while the real culprits disappear,well guess what we aint so weak,firt nations stand by the strengths of our cultures,we have been doing that for thousands of years,

Richard K said...

Yeah, it`s totally racist to ask about why millions of tax dollars are being mishandled by an incompetent chief. And those geniuses from the protest were about as coherent as the comment above, which no doubt accounts for why they accomplished absolutely nothing other than to get a few minutes media attention.

It`s no surprise that eventually that attention focused on how idiotic the so-called `movement`ended up looking.

When even Warren Kinsella turned against them, you know there had to be trouble