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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The faces of Idle No More - sex offenders who target kids and professional douchebags


Mr Bilderberg said...
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Richard K said...

Had to excise a couple of words from the comment below:

Mr Bilderberg said...
You have to wonder what kind of training police officers get today. Office XXXXX must be XXXXXXX trained.

The Hammer said...

Good to see more people focusing on this group. They are all linked to NDP supporters looking to undermine the current government. Funny thing is they only make themselves look worse. Most Canadians realize Spence is a fraud.

What most Canadians unfortunately do not realize is that Idle No More has been hijacked by these clowns. They are now using what started out as a legitimate native protest for their own agenda. Idle No More did not start like this and it did not start with Terese Spence. It started in Saskatoon as a legitimate movement to improve the lives of actual natives there living in actual poverty.

It is a shame. Natives in Canada have had it hard enough without having their movements hijacked.

Anonymous said...

Um, that isn't actually Darius Mirshahi or Sakura Saunders in the video of the rally. Ezra's got it wrong.