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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Donald Trump is doing more with tweets in 2 weeks than Obama did in 8 years of governing

Like most people, I was skeptical about Donald Trump's presidential bid when he first announced it.

It went from being considered a stunt to a potential disaster as far as I was concerned. Then I saw something happen after he became the Republican nominee. As the campaigns progressed towards election day, Trump's was conducted more professionally than Clinton's and he showed fortitude both in adversity and success, Hillary acted entitled and petulant. In adversity, she became angry and in success she was arrogant. To me, it then became clear that Trump would make a better president. Not that Trump doesn't have petulance and arrogance in abundance, but he also understood that he had to work to earn the support of voters, where Hillary appeared to be outraged that it wasn't awarded to her on a platter.

Now with the Presidency, Trump has created a lot of disruption.

Make no mistake. It's intentional, and if you want a good explanation of why Trump's doing what he is, read this article by Dilbert creator Scott Adams.

Regardless of how one may feel about him, it's indisputable that Trump is moving quickly and decisively. He's making himself clear about important issues about which Obama was equivocal and weak.

Maybe America really will become great again.

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