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Friday, February 3, 2017

Was ATU TTC Union leader Bob Kinnear removed from office because of his dirty tricks?

As usual, Greg at GenuineWitty does a thorough and intense amount of research and questioning on a matter of great public significance that the mainstream media is either too lazy or incompetent to conduct.

...ATU national president Bob Kinnear was at yesterday’s protest and has participated at other TTCRiders events in the past. I took the opportunity to walk up and ask him a couple of questions. I kicked-off with a simple question “don’t you think it’s a conflict-of-interest that the ATU provides financial support to the TTCRiders?” He looked at me and said there’s no problem at all.

Next, I asked him his opinion on the fact that the organization the ATU is supporting and partnering with is led by a director with a criminal history, he got a little bit jumpy and defensive but once again responded saying he didn’t see a problem with that. Finally, I asked if he wasn’t uncomfortable with the fact that Jessica Bell’s Seattle protest robbed a whole lot of union workers of a day’s pay- he stuttered at this point, declined to answer, and gave me a rather intense looking (a little bit scary) stare.

Bob didn’t seem like he was used to journalists asking him hard questions about his strange bedfellows...

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