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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Rex Murphy: Exploring the new meaning of words with our post-fact, post-truth activist warriors

...Now even in a post-fact world, it’s a exertion beyond my limits to see Justin Trudeau as a “white supremacist,”  and adding “terrorist” to the chain of abuse overloads the poor neural network altogether.  Justin Trudeau — him — a white supremacist?

“There are rooms to rent in the outer planets” sang our poet Purdy, and surely BLM’s Yusra Khogali has checked into the last and farthest out if this is what she believes. If some ordinary, what I have been calling official, politician were to make Khogali’s charge in a legislature, he, she, xe or xem would be out on their various gender-various ears, offered help, and placed on a pariah list forever.

For there are some things so far from fact-based that to give mouth to them is a signal of irredeemable intellectual distress.

There is exaggeration; there is hyperbole; there is full polemic; and there is just plain bitter idiocy. If Justin Trudeau, a one-man rainbow coalition in a well-tailored suit is a “white supremacist terrorist” then Ghandi was Hitler’s illegitimate son, and Mother Theresa was an incontinent axe murderess.

The thought balloon behind Khogali’s outburst probably went something like this: I have nominated myself the voice of a minority. That offers full and unbounded validity to all of my opinions, however scantily fertilized by research or facts. I am righteous, therefore, I am free to call any and everyone else whatever I choose to call them, regardless of how ugly, harsh and ridiculous the description happens to be. I’m an activist — truth and fact be dammed. Ergo, Justin Trudeau, the living poster face of Everyone Everywhere Is My Brother can be anathematized as a white supremacist terrorist...

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