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Friday, February 3, 2017

The fascists in America are the protesters rioting to stop Milo Yannopoulos from being allowed to speak

Milo Yannopoulos is a provocateur. He provokes people with ideas, and many people don't like that kind of provocation. So they lie about him and distort what he has said in order to turn as many people as they can against him and his ideas.

Milo is a gay conservative who has spoken out in favor of racial equality and free speech. He has never called for the rights of any American citizens to be taken away. But has been characterized as a "white supremacist" and far-right extremist in media such as CNN.

Some of his ideas are undoubtedly offensive to people who believe third wave feminism is a necessity of that 'cultural appropriation' is a grievous sin.

But regardless of what he says, provocative ideas belong in the sphere of public debate, and if they are bad ideas they should be countered with better ideas and logical reasoning.

That's not the approach that fascists take to dissent. Fascists will demonize their ideological opponents with lies, coerce anyone who supports those ideas, and engage in acts of brutal violence so that those who say things of which they disapprove are silenced.

The riots at Berkeley to prevent Milo from speaking there are acts of pure fascism. And the people who are cheering on the silencing of ideas they don't like in the name of "Social Justice" are as much enablers of fascism as the "social justice" advocates who created Nazi Germany.

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