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Monday, February 6, 2017

Toronto: A Sanctuary for Criminals

A source reports all the accused in this matter were in Canada on temporary work visas. Toronto has confusing and preposterous "Sanctuary City" rules, by police aren't supposed to report immigration status to federal authorities unless required to under federal law. 

TORONTO - Expensive jewelry to cheap straw hats.

Those were a few pieces of swag Toronto Police recovered after busting a residential robbery gang and seizing $500,000 worth of stolen property.

An investigation dubbed Project High Class led to eight people being charged with numerous break-and-enter offences.

“These people are a highly organized ring,” said Acting Insp. Joanne Rudnick. “They were targeting high-end homes.”

Twenty-five break-and-enters were committed in the tony south Etobicoke area dating back to fall 2016...

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