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Friday, February 10, 2017

NOW Magazine doubles down on its usual batshit craziness - accuses Justin Trudeau of being a "white supremacist"

As the person who coined the term "Prince Bonehead" for our Prime Minister, I resent having to come to his defense. But of all the things that Justin Trudeau may be, a person who believes that white people are superior by virtue of their skin color is not one of them.  Yet that's what it is now alleging of him. As is typical of idiot, OISE-left, they are too stupid to be able to differentiate skin color from culture. So they conflate Canadian cultural elements which favor the establishment with "white supremacy."

Expecting anything but stupidity and hypocrisy from NOW Magazine is a waste of time. It's an allegedly "progressive" magazine that makes a substantial amount of its money acting as a pimp for sex traffickers abusing women brought to Canada from Asia and Eastern Europe.

Were I inclined towards conspiracy theories, I'd say Canada's radical left were making themselves look insane on purpose to force people like me to come to the defense of Justin Trudeau. Or at the least, to make him look like a reasonable centrist. But I know them well enough not to credit them with that much foresight. In any case, the Conservatives are doing enough imploding right now so that Justin doesn't need that much help from the loony left.

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All good.

"When an enemy is making a mistake, do not interrupt him." - Napoleon Bonaparte