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Saturday, July 17, 2010

4th rate Toronto "Filmmaker," York University Professor John Greyson, compares Israel to Nazi sympathizers

John Greyson, a 50 year-old York University Film professor who notoriously tried to impose his view of the world with his failed attempt to organize a boycott of the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival's Spotlight on Tel Aviv program, is pursing his bigoted obsession to new, disgusting depths.

Greyson has recently created a video, using the 2010 World Cup as a backdrop, where he advocates for an artists' boycott of the middle east's sole democracy. In it, he contrasts musicians, all of whom are well past their career peak and who have declined to perform in Israel, engaged in a mock match against the major stars who have played concerts in the Jewish state.

He also includes his parodies of songs by the singers who have appeared in Israel. Greyson's own version of the song Umbrella by Rihanna, who performed in Israel in May, includes the defamatory line, at 5:40 of the video, referring to artists who perform in Israel, "Why would you join holocaust deniers, why would you join Nazi sympathizers"
Greyson's simple-minded, bigoted perception of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict betrays a level of comprehension about as proficient as his "filmmaking" abilities.

The tedious YouTube polemic he created laboriously takes nine minutes and twenty-five seconds to get across a point most amateur film students could have made more effectively in sixty seconds. Greyson might be so in love with his own work that he thinks audiences are willing to endure its monotony. This new tome from Greyson is more evidence that talented filmmakers make real moves and don't end up as 50 year old teachers of Film and Video Studies at York University.

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