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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The dim bulbs at rabble.ca want to send a Ship of Fools to Gaza

Whenever something sounds too stupid to be true, there's as good a chance as not that the "brain trust" at rabble.ca will be supporting it.

Renaissance painter Hieronymus Bosch, most famous for his grim, ghastly renditions of the horrors that befall man in the spiritual world, painted "The Ship of Fools."

Rabble.ca is going to attempt to emulate Bosch's nightmare in real life. The radical leftist website whose publisher is Kim Elliott, the spouse of NDP Member of Parliament Libby Davies is the "media sponsor" behind the effort to get a Canadian ship to go to Gaza.

The other organizations behind the pleasure cruise designed to undermine Israel's efforts to protect itself from Iranian arms smuggling are:

Canadian Arab Federation, Canadian Shia Muslims Organization (CASMO), CodePink - Toronto, Educators for Peace and Justice, Independent Jewish Voices, International Jewish anti-Zionist Network, Islamic Society of York Region, Muslim Unity, People for Peace - London, Queers Against Israeli Apartheid, Toronto Coalition to Stop the War, Toronto Forum on Cuba, Women In Solidarity With Palestine

Not as big a list as it sounds since many of these groups have a multitude of cross-memberships.

Sending a ship on a trans-oceanic voyage actually costs money. The gang of misfits behind this effort might have trouble launching it without someone like Syd Ryan committing a large amount of funds taken from the union dues that Ontario Federation of Labour members pay for purposes other than attempts at crippling the one democracy in the middle east.

I can think of a few people I'd nominate for a berth on that boat: Libby Davies, Naomi Klein, Elle Flanders, and who knows? Perhaps Kevin Neish will enjoy a reprise visit to the detention center in Ashdod. He may have another fish tale for the CBC afterwards that can get him some more of the attention he craves.

They have a facebook group too.

In Canada, Hamas has been designated as a terrorist group and it is illegal to provide material support to terror, so it may be worthwhile for Federal law enforcement to determine if these people are committing a criminal conspiracy. Perhaps they can be sued under the Justice for Victims of Terrorism Act that allows such action to be taken against supporters of terrorist groups like Hamas.

Blazing Cat Fur has more on this

UPDATE: JULY 15 - The National Post provides this update


Blazingcatfur said...

Sink em!

Anonymous said...

Would love to sneak a bunch of rats and mice on their Bismarck also pork chops and a huge ham hahahahahahahaha
would love to see them abandon ship hehehehehehe

Anonymous said...

I fully support sending a Canadian Ship to Gaza, might I suggest HMCS TORONTO, or MONTREAL, or ST. JOHN'S, et...

Heck anyone of them has a good landing and boarding team, capable of assisting Israel in securing their maritime borders from these useful idiots.


Blazingcatfur said...

What would they do if we donated a truckload of Spam? Mislabelled of course;)

Bob Devine said...

Israel has submarines I wonder what the cost of a torpedo is? I would be willing to kick 20 bucks into a pot to pay for the delivery of one into the hull of said flotilla boat.

Sandra Petrich said...

I, would say that you wannabe Zionists, are sadly lacking in the ability to think critically.
Hamas is not a terrorist organization, except in the glazed psycho eyeballs of Harper and his Israeli minions.
Why do Zionist Christians scream bloody blue murder about the evils of abortion,while carpet bombing Iraqi and Afghani babies and use white phosphorous as in Falluja? Burning babies and children to death is not approved by God.
Crusader-Zionists need to get down on their knees and beg for forgiveness or rot in hell for eternity. God metes out Justice and Mercy in equal measure.

Richard K said...

Thanks for the lesson in critical thinking, Sandra. (And I'm pro-choice, not that it's relevent to mideast politics.)

Canada, The US, and The European Union have designated Hamas as a terrorist organization. The U.K. and Australia have designated its military wing as a terrorist organization.

Might have something to do with their intentional targeting of civillians.

"Crusader-Zionists"? Interesting. I was wondering when I would get someone using Al-Quaida terminology in one of my comments.

Rose said...

Sandra off your meds honey? I'd rather burn in hell than join forces with hate mongers and Islamistic whackjobs Dear. What no mention of wee children being blow to bits because of suicide vests your beloved Hamas forced them to wear honey bunches of oats? It twasn't the Jews who hid in the maternity ward whilst making bombs sweetems. Nor was it the Jews shooting missles at school children whilst the Hamas men folk hid up the Burkas of women who they used as human shields to prevent the Israeli Army from stopping the cowards. What is that manuver called the Palestinian crotch crawl or vagina monologues?

I'm hoping my fluffy sweet language protects me from the crack pot team of hate investigators at the CHRC. I know it's hard being so sweet and nice and stuff.

Anonymous said...

You might not be surprised to know that our friend Sandra Petrich (aka "Fatima Zohar") also likes to quote "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" on her website...!

Blazingcatfur said...

Fatima Zohar is a well known Hasbara conduit and Mossad agent who also works for the CHRC. She also has poor dental hygeine habits.

Harry Abrams said...

I'd be very happy to see those nincompoops shipped altogether to Gaza...for their zoo!

Anonymous said...

The Islamic Jihadists chant, 'first Saturday and then sunday" meaning, first kill the Jews who worship on Saturday then kill the Christians who worship on Sunday" Islam is a religion of peace! Peace when there is no one left to fight!

Anonymous said...

HMS UI's (Hezbollah/Hamas mischief ship) (Usefull Idiots)

Revnant Dream said...

The little ship that couldn't.