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How To Deal With Gaza After Hamas

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Kevin Neish wants to raise $300,000 for the Ship of Fools

Canada's "man of many tales", Kevin Neish, wants to raise $300,000 to equip a Canadian ship to go to Gaza to "deliver aid."

Israel allows aid in to Gaza through its own crossing with Gaza and aid also is allowed in through Egypt.

Therefore the effort is another attempt, by the man who grew up with Fidel Castro's picture on his mantle, to cripple the blockade designed to prevent Iranian arms smuggling.

Aid to Gaza not delivered through recognized governmental or non-governmental organizations would likely come under the aegis of Hamas and so what is being proposed is de facto material support for that group. The Canadian government has designated Hamas as a terrorist organization, so this effort may be in violation of Canadian law.

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