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Saturday, July 3, 2010

The fragile alliance between conservative Muslims and "Queers Against Israeli Apartheid"

In the analysis of  "Queers Against Israeli Apartheid" provided on Friday here, their the strategy was summed up as, "'if we suck up enough to the Palestinians by attacking Israel, maybe they won't hate us anymore.'

A self-defeating approach if ever there was one and it didn't take too much looking to find some evidence of the real opinion local conservative Muslims have towards the QuAIA Hamasexuals.

A blog with a number of contributors called "Daily Muslims" had some vicious criticism for a prominent Member of Toronto's Muslim community. And what was the offense?

In a piece titled,

Abdul Ingar, a Toronto Masjid Leader, Supports Gay and Lesbian Politicians

Mr. Ingar was severely chastised, or in the words of Daily Muslims: "SHAME ON YOU MR. INGAR"

Shame for what? For supporting a candidate in the last provincial election who was...Gay!

(My italics, The Daily Muslims' spelling and syntax errors):

Mr. Abdul Haq Ingar opposed John Torry, the conservative leader from the same region. John Torry was promising state funding to religious schools of Muslims and for all other religious groups. Because of this stand, he and his party lost election. All the anti-religious forces were united against him. Mr. Abdul Ingar opposed Torry who was promising state funding of religious schools. Ingar supported a lesbian state Education Minister who played a leading role in the state same sex marriage legislation.

Do you think supporting a lesbian education minister and opposing a candidate with the promise of state funding of religious school is the issue of “innocence”?

No! He is a “matured” leader, and he knows everyone’s life styles. Kathleen Wynne’s son, a student, is also gay, and she is bound to protect the son’s “gay rights.”
The Daily Muslim goes on, after disparagingly referring to an article that features none other than prominent QuAIA member, Tim McCaskell, and says:
A Gujrati Muslim said, “Majority of our Community (Gujrati Muslims) are very simple and obey their leaders, and Mr. Ingar uses his position of the Masjid and can easily fool them. He sold his conscience and his community for some worldly and materialistic gain.”
One should know that several liberal nominees who practice and respect family life --including a practicing Muslim of high stature, Br. Mohammad Ejaz-- was the candidate from the same riding. Mr. Ingar has chosen the gay over all those candidates.
If they needed more local evidence, it is readily available, but with luck, the Hamasexuals had the good sense to avoid Jihadstock, the Islamic Conference held in Toronto this weekend. Controversial preacher Zakir Naik may have been barred entry to Canada, but he is still being video-conferenced in. Hopefully his adherents in Canada don't take him literally when he calls for the death penalty for homosexuality.

Way to go, "Queers Against Israeli Apartheid." You may be willing to sell a democracy that values gay rights down the river to appease brutal Islamic fundamentalists, but who knows? With years of hard work, you might be able to win over the bigots who think you're sub-human yet. And if it costs thousands of innocent Israeli and Western lives, I'm sure that's a cost you're more than willing to pay.


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these particular queers who claim to be fighting for the rights of palestiians should actually fight for their right to be queer. That would make more sense than hating Israel... what does that achieve for queers? Shouldn't queers be making love and not inciting hate against an entire nation at pride? Shouldn't they stand in solidarity against the oppression of Palestinian and other arab gays as opposed to standing in solidarity against Israel? I think they've lost the point of pride altogether here. What does the Israeli-Palestinian conflict have to do with Gay Pride anyways?