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How To Deal With Gaza After Hamas

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Israelis who incite anti-Israel boycotts may be subject to financial penalties/law suits

The Israeli daily Ha'aretz reported yesterday the Israeli Knesset (Parliament) "approved on Wednesday an initial reading of a bill calling for heavy fines to be imposed on Israeli citizens who initiate or incite boycotts against Israel. If approved into law, the fines would apply to anyone boycotting Israeli individuals, companies, factories, and organizations."

Should they return to Israel, this law could affect Canadian Israelis such as Sandra Ruch who is currently attempting to raise funds for a Canadian ship to attempt to violate the Gaza blockade. Ruch gained earlier notoriety as one of a group of eight Jewish women who trespassed in and refused to leave the Israeli consulate in Toronto during Israel's 2008 conflict with Gaza, "Operation Cast Lead."

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