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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Draft Glenn Beck campaign may not be getting off on the best foot..

The Huffington Post describes the video commencing the effort to draft Glenn Beck as a Republican Presidential candidate:

"A group called Main Street Bites Back is organizing a petition to encourage Glenn Beck to run for President in 2012, and they've released a bizarre and terrifying video to promote their cause.

It features an extreme closeup of the group's spokeswoman, Robin Potwora, wearing a straw hat and a borderline absurd amount of makeup, as she touts their goal of putting Beck into the Oval Office in a sickly sweet voice. "
As far as their description of it being "terrifying," I'm a bit inclined to agree. See for yourself:


Richard K said...

I thought it was Loni Anderson from WKRP in Cincinnati until I read the article.

Bob Devine said...

Anything that comes from huffpo about Glen Beck is going to be a hatchet job. As far as I know Beck is as interested in being a politician as I am in giving a Muslim a kiss. Aint gonna happen.