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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Another reason to celebrate Chris Hitchens' life and mourn his passing

The most disgusting, vile, stupid people on the planet are cheering that one of the loudest voices that exposed their vapidity, ridiculed them, and laid bare their moral debauchery is no longer with us.

But don't worry,  plenty more of us are still here.

Related video: A fascinating discussion taped in 2002 of Hitchens and Newt Gingrich discussing The War on Terror


Anonymous said...

Would it be harsh me to say I'm ambivalent towards Christopher Hitchens? I don't hate the man but I never really followed his works nor cared about his humanism (being more or a nihilist myself.) But if he managed to get the Stalinists at Rubble riled, he had earned major points with me.

Richard K said...

One doesn't have to cover themselves in ashes and wear sackcloth at times like these, or pretend to admire someone they don't.

But the morons at rabble are the same people who screamed as if it were some unprecedented sacrilege were someone to merely point out the unbecoming politicization of Jack Layton's death. And now, they're expressly, publicly gleeful at the death of Hitchens.

It's instructive on those occasions when the Davies wing of the NDP gives us a glimpse of their real nature: spiteful, stupid and hypocritical.

Volpone said...

CH, at least, refused to be nailed down to this or that ideological cross (R.I.P.). But he did have faith: atheism.