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Friday, December 2, 2011

Three reasons why Canada's radical leftists are so humourless

Those of us familiar with the radical left know they do some things very well, like sanctimony, hypocrisy, and emotional hysteria, but something they haven't mastered is having a sense of humour.

It's not that they aren't funny. They are frequently hilarious, such as instances when an obese leftist claimed that by being ignored in a hardware store, she was a victim of sexual oppression, or proto-activist Judy Rebick's insane claim that Prime Minister Stephen Harper's criticism of NDP House leader Libby Davies, when she effectively denied Israel's legitimacy, stemmed from his being a sexist.  But the problem is that when they say these comically outlandish things, they aren't trying to be funny; they mean them.

So in order to understand this strange phenomenon, this (pseudo) scientific analysis will examine the three main reasons why the Canadian far left is so pathologically incapable of having a sense of humour.

1.  They're afraid of offending anyone (and conversely, are offended by everything)

Of course by anyone, we aren't including Christians and white conservatives. They go to great effort to offend those groups. And they now have expanded to trying to offend Jews (which isn't that hard in some cases), whom they dislike, but being sensitive to charges of anti-Semitism, try to use the code word Zionist for Jew, although sometimes the veil does slip.

But getting back to their fear of offending, let's take this for example:
Q: Why did the Gay chicken cross the basketball court?

A: He heard the ref was blowing fowls on the other side.

The willingness to offend is central to humour, and really nothing should be off limits. Most leftists would be appalled at that joke. That joke isn't anti-Gay, it's pro-blow job. The reason the chicken has to be Gay in it is because all pro basketball referees are male. And the joke is a word play joke based on a homonym. OK,  I've made it totally unfunny by explaining and analyzing the joke, but you get the point. If you're anxious to find offense in everything and at the same time overly sensitive to the potential hurt feelings of everyone, you're lame.

2. They are mainly motivated by jealousy

Contemporary Canadians live in a time and place where we are better off then just about anyone else, anywhere, ever. Sure, there`s always room for more improvement, but we live in times where the average lower middle class person has more luxuries and privileges than an 18th Century European nobleman. We have free education, free health care, home computers and on-demand music and videos, and mobile personal communication devices with instant, global reach..

We live in a society where one of the cause celebres is childhood obesity.

That`s right, we live in a time and place where a lot of people are complaining because they eat too much! If  the average person three hundred years ago were to learn that overeating would be a major complaint in the future, they would think their descendants insane. And perhaps they would be right.

It's hard to be funny, avaricious and and bitter at the same time and jealousy is what is really the motivation behind Canada's radical leftists.They would never admit jealousy is what drives them. In fact, they probably don't even recognize that trait in themselves. 

But the way the radical left looks at things is not what they have, but what others have. They obsess that if someone else has something, then they too should be entitled to it. It doesn`t matter if people better off than them worked harder, are smarter, took risks to achieve their advantages, or just made better decisions. That`s not important. What`s important is that someone else has something that they want. And because they recognize that their own limited talents and the potential of their Equity Studies degrees limits them to a life not much better than the one they have now, rather then trying to improve their lives, they want to tear down the achievements of people more successful than they.

That type of bitterness just isn`t funny.

3. They're stupid

A sense of humour is a sign of intelligence and the radical left is not comprised of particularly intelligent people. If there was ever any question about their utter intellectual incompetence, the Occupy Movement put a stake through the heart of any remaining doubt.. These are people who hate the government and saw the solution to their problems being a bigger government with expanded powers. The imbeciles thought that squatting in public parks was a profound way of addressing income inequity. Their notion of economics consisted of imagery of the tuxedoed Monopoly man or Scrooge McDuck sitting atop a pyramid of gold coins. The money that they are complaining about is for the most part used to create new jobs, finance ventures which improve society, and serve as security for funding that is used to build new businesses. That's aside from the fact that the top 1% of income earners they sought to vilify contribute over 30% of tax revenue. And that figure doesn't include the billions for targetted philanthropic efforts, such as Bill Gates' campaign to eradicate Malaria.

Gates' effort has led to thousands of saved lives, whereas the entire Occupy Movement combined has saved zero lives but is responsible for at least 3 deaths, a dozen rapes and countless physical assaults. Say what you will about the Tea Party, they tend not to rape and murder each other at their demonstrations.

All the Occupy Movement managed to conclusively accomplish is to prove that the radical left is made up of idiots. They have enablers, like Michael Moore, Keith Olbermann, Naomi Klein and others who tried to project their own issues into Occupy Whatever, but the movement was too disorganized to come up with any coherent message despite the prodding.

Aside from their lack of comprehension of basic economics, they are too stupid to recognize their own hypocrisy and racism. These are people who will rush to condemn the slightest perceived insult or offense to the feelings of one of their myriad categories of oppressed peoples, but at the same time will excuse the most depraved barbarity from radical Muslims or if it is perpetrated by a what they call racialized minorities. Why? Becuase the radical left who purport to be anti-racists are really racists of the worst kind. They clearly view their so-called oppressed brothers and sisters as barbarians too primitive to be held up to the standards of the Great White West.

The Can Rad Left's stupidity,sanctimony and hypocrisy requires them to view the world in a bigoted way suggesting such a lack of personal insight as to disqualify the possibility of any sense of humour in them.

Still, the left's absence of humour doesn't mean they aren't good for laughs; but as the old saying goes, it's laughing at and not with them.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Shi'ite, I made a joke.

1389 said...

This is about the complainer who thought that being ignored in a hardware store was evidence of sexism.

I'm a retail clerk; most of the time I work as a cashier but I do some other tasks as well.

We do our best not to ignore anybody, regardless of physical appearance, age, sex, or anything else.

But some of the time, any store ends up being understaffed. This is because it is impossible to predict how many customers will come into the store at any given time. Store traffic is somewhat random and NOT evenly distributed. No store can afford to hire and pay extra salespeople just in case everybody in town decides to enter the store all at once.

The upshot is that some customers are going to have to wait until a salesperson is finished working with other customers. It'd be nice if a salesperson had the opportunity to tell each waiting person that "everyone is busy with other customers right now, but we'll help you when we're finished" or the like. But sometimes things are so hectic that we can't even do that.

Here's my guess:

1) The complainer never worked in retail herself, or if she did, she didn't last very long;

2) The complainer most likely shops at "big box" stores that are typically fairly short of help, because she expects to pay the lowest possible price - but then she feels personally offended by the fact that she won't get quick service at that type of store;

3) The complainer was never taught any manners as a child, as evidenced by the fact that she is selfish, has a sense of entitlement, and expects to be served ahead of everyone else who is already waiting.

Grannie said...

"they are too stupid to recognize their own hypocrisy and racism. These are people who will rush to condemn the slightest perceived insult or offense to the feelings of one of their myriad categories of oppressed peoples, but at the same time will excuse the most depraved barbarity from radical Muslims"

OMG, that is just TOO TRUE. I pointed out certain stonings and maimings and mutilations of Muslim girls to one such man, and he had the GALL to tell me I was posting HATE speech for telling truth. I informed him that the HATE was not coming from ME, but from the perps of such heinous deeds, and that his siding with those types made him a MISOGYNIST. Of course, that idea was unacceptable to him.... but perfectly logical to me.

Richard K said...

The cognitive dissonance that lets them believe these obvious contradictions without seeing any inconsistency is suggestive of mental disorder.

Anonymous said...

the worst leftists are in the discipline of geography. check out York U's geography deptt and also U of T