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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Canadian blogger threatened with death amid allegations of corruption at the York Regional Police Dept.

Popular Canadian conservative blogger Blazing Cat Fur has received a death threat from a someon purporting to be a young woman who only last year was before the courts on charges of being an accessory to murder.

Those charges against that woman were eventually dropped  under mysterious circumstances.

What makes the story particularly strange is that the accused felon is linked to a notorious family in York Region.

The family includes Bahman Hafez Amini, who was recently indicted in Texas for money laundering. Most prominent among them are a brood of sisters who have been accused of making death threats via the Internet and for bragging about their connections with the York Regional Police Department.

The comments in Blazing Cat Fur's account of this most recent incident relate some shocking information. It is all the more unsettling in that there are a number of accounts of York Regional Police detectives and officials stonewalling any attempt to shed light on these matters.

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Blazingcatfur said...

Popular? Just Popular?

;) Thanks.

Richard K said...

Evidently, in some circles, you're the opposite of popular!

However, over here, you are VERY popular!

Anonymous said...

What can be done to rout out the corruption? Bragging about it is just asking for some bigger fish (possibly in Ottawa) to bring down the hammer.

Richard K said...

If enough of us keep talking about it it public, it may eventually create conditions where something has to be done.

The police not only have to have integrity, but they have to be seen to have integrity. These types of stories undermine confidence in the administration of justice in Canada. Either everyone is subject to the laws of the land, or no one is.