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Monday, January 16, 2012

Children's singer Raffi continues his crusade for the wussification of Canada's national sport

Raffi Cavoukian may be prepared to metaphorically pull down his pants, bend over and put a welcome sign on his posterior for the enemies of democracy and individual liberty. That seems clear from his support for the "Friends of Hamas" who launched the Sea Hitler Gaza boat that insulted the principles of this country by carrying a Canadian flag on its terror-enabling journey.

But what's really irritating is that he is on a crusade to wussify Canada's national sport and vilify Don Cherry. It seems that Cavoukian is just as perturbed by Cherry's vocal support for Canadian troops in Afghanistan as he is for the colorful, popular, bombastic commentator's recognition that fighting is a traditional part of Canadian professional hockey.

In a new article in the fanatical, neo-Marxist online media platform rabble.ca, Cavoukian betrays a distaste for Canadian traditions  while attempting to impose his own ideologies as those of the entire nation:
"..considering .. hockey analyst Don Cherry's repeated tributes to Canada's Afghan war dead within "Coach's Corner" on CBC's Hockey Night In Canada, I could examine the militarization of Cherry's segment and the loss of respect for Canada as a peacemaker in the world. But I won't. I will, however, question the role of violence in Canada's fall-winter-spring passion and what that says about this country. "
The cheap verbal shots Cavoukian takes at Cherry may suggest hid identification with the cheap shot artists who would benefit from a hockey fighting ban. Fighting is the deterrent that lets slimy players who like to jam the elbow, or give rib jabs with the end of their sticks when the ref isn't looking that they won't be allowed to get away with it.

In his opposition to deterrents to bad behaviour, at least Cavoukian is consistent. His support for the Sea Hitler terror-enablers demonstrates that he doesn't like anyone being able to protect themselves from slimy, vicious ,ongoing  low scale-attacks. Of course that's just a guess. Who knows what goes on in Cavoukian's mind?

Indeed, one of the things that is a frustration for the parents of young children is that the constant exposure to juvenile literature and music, be it Goodnight Moon, or Barney the Dinosaur, or Sesame |Street while stimulating for young children, is intellectually  numbing for adults. One of the great joys of seeing your children grow is watching their intellectual development  as their reading and musical tastes expand to more intricate ideas like those imagined by the likes of  C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien or the Beatles and Harry Nilsson.

Cavoukian, who I understand has no children of his own, has devoted his life to performing for kids, give or take a couple of years, of the age of five.  That obsessive focus could account for an intellectual stagnation that suggests he thinks Canadian history began with the election of Pierre Trudeau.

Here's Raffi serenading some rich, white, socialist hypocrites:

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