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Saturday, January 7, 2012

I am a free animal, not a Whopper with cheese!

Runaway cow endured 9 months on the run in the wild before being taken to a refuge farm.

From the Vancouver Sun:

When it was first spotted, Langley and Surrey RCMP patrol cars tried to herd it down the highway, but the cow escaped and ended up taking refuge at Surrey Bend Regional Park.

It survived, living off the grass in the bog and the kindness of strangers who fed it hay when winter fell. On Dec. 11, when someone contacted Lifeforce and Hamilton learned of the cow's plight, he took action.

"This was a herd animal that had been living on its own with no experience at all," he said, "It was seen being chased into the Fraser River by vicious dogs; there are coyotes around, it was cold."

h/t Tammy Bruce

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