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Saturday, January 21, 2012

CBC still not quite ready to retract libel against Rob Ford

The CBC is still not retracting its slander of Toronto's mayor based on "unnamed sources" despite a new verification from the OPP Commissioner that the last verification from Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair was accurate.

“I listened to all three tapes along with a superintendent,” Lewis said. “I took notes. The mayor appeared frustrated and upset on the calls.”

However, Lewis said he did not hear Ford use the word “bitches” and did not hear him say he was “Rob f---ing Ford.”

“I just called it like I saw it, as I always would and like Chief Blair did. The CBC’s portrayal of both Chief Blair and the comments of Mayor Ford were inaccurate and unfair,” Lewis said.

Ford had called 911 on Oct. 24 because he said he was worried for his family’s safety after This Hour Has 22 Minutes comedian Mary Walsh, dressed in warrior costume as the outlandish Marg Delahunty, caught him by surprise in his driveway early in the morning.

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