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Saturday, January 21, 2012

That's it, with this news, I'm ready to call the 2012 election for Gingrich - Newt receives Chuck Norris' endorsement

"I’m tired of watching our country being torn to shreds by those who think the answer is more government debt and control. I’m tired of being in bondage to a tax system that robs U.S. citizens like the king of England did before the Revolution. I’m tired of watching our sovereignty being sold by foreign loans and loose borders. And I will not sit back and merely watch this decay and degradation of the U.S. and then hand it over to my children and grandchildren to deal with. 
That is why Gena and I have committed the rest of our lives to help Old Glory rise again to her heights of splendor. And that is why we are endorsing and standing with Newt Gingrich, because we believe he can lead all of us who have committed to the same. "

With the power of Chuck behind Newt, Romney's campaign is already in disarray!


Anonymous said...

Y'know what they say about Chuck Norris and the USA. It's not a democracy, it's a Chuck-tatorship.

Unknown said...

Chuck Norris practically lived with Mike Huckabee four years ago. I don't remember it accomplishing very much.