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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Death threats to Canadian blogger! Do certain `special groups`get a free pass on crime?

We've seen unequal justice being meted out in Caledonia.

Another new story is the case of death threats that a Canadian blogger has received.

There is a long history of the family involved with making the death threats and allegations of corruption in the York Regional Police. The clan making death threats has also claimed they have a York Regional Police detective in their pocket. So far York Police have not taken action against the perpetrators of the death threats, making one wonder if these allegations are true. There are all sorts of allegations about corruption in the York Regional Police floating around the Internet and mainstream media.

A proper investigation by the Attorney General`s office through either the Ontario Provincial Police or RCMP with the findings made public should occur so that the York Police can either be vindicated if the allegations are false or the department purged if they are true.


Blazingcatfur said...

Remember your talking about the YRP here where the ex-Chief was happily clocked by the Twelvers of CASMO.

Richard K said...

For services rendered?

Anonymous said...

The following comment was left at 2:03 pm. Names redacted by editor:

Not one detective. A few detectives. They have "personal relations" with numerous detectives. FXXXXXX MXXXXX-RXXX is aligned with Detective Constable MXXXXXX GXXXXXXX #1XXX. AXXXXX MXXXXX-RXXXX is aligned to Detective Mxxx Cxxxxxxxx #xxx (he is of "this ain't Canada" fame). Not everyone is ignoring this. There are many Judges whom are tackling this head on. Detective Constable Mxxxxxxx Gxxxxxx #1xxx appeared in Family Court with Fxxxxx Mxxxxx "assisting" her in a fraudulent Restraining order. This took place in front on Justice Heather McGee. She declined the restraining order and was surprised the officer assisted her. Needless to say, Justice Heather McGee was threatened with violence. Once again , nothing was done.