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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

3rd rate pseudo-intellectual Marxist? Pimply-faced 9/11 conspiracy nut? Terror-supporting anti-Semite? There's a place for you at The Canadian Charger!

Are you concerned that the mainstream media hasn't gone far enough to advance the cause of Marxism or isn't spending enough time arguing that all Jews in Israel should be killed?

Maybe you've got bad skin, a bad haircut and are convinced that the "mainstream media" and even Michael Moore are conspiring to cover up what "really happened" on 9-11.

Do you consider yourself a "progressive" who is being marginalized by the neo-fascist major media outlets like The Toronto Star and The Globe and Mail?

Do you think acceptable "free speech" for others is something that you should be able to decide?

Then there is a place for you at The Rotting Horseflesh The Canadian Charger.

This front for Jew-hatred and suppression of free speech in the name of "progressiveness" was founded by none other than Mohammed Elmasry, the proponent of killing all Jews in Israel.

Here's a video made by one of the correspondents for The Rotting Horseflesh. In it, this weasel who in a column gloated about his intellectual superior, Christopher Hitchens falling victim to cancer, here harasses a CBC correspondent about their "covering up what happened" on 9-11. The woman clearly thinks he's a nutcase and tries to deflect him by saying the CBC should undertake lots of investigations but can't afford to because of funding cuts. Of course, this is further proof that the Canadian government is involved in the 9-11 cover-up! (And check out how he claims Michael Moore is part of it!)


Anonymous said...

Someone should go through the list of contributors on the "about" page and link them to their university departments, political party, church/mosque, etc.

Paul said...

LOL! - good post!

rasp said...

Yeah, that is kind of 'out there' and I don't blame the CBC reporter for seeking shelter with her cohort.

Commenting about the CBC funding as she did is not a good move. They probably like to keep that Stephen Harper is a p@#$k stuff limited to baord rooms and union meetings. JMO.

Anonymous said...

kid's gotta face like runny pizza. guess he was on of the wallflowers at his school prom.