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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Linda McQuaig and the nitwits at rabble.ca's new great fear

The hapless nitwits at rabble.ca are quaking with fear about something. The advancement of peace talks in the middle east brokered by the hated Americans? The public's ongoing rejection of "Proportional Representation" which is the best hope for loser parties like the NDP to achieve some national influence?

Yes, but that isn't their most immediate fear.

The Marxist stooges' greatest fear of the moment is: Quebecor's conservative media network!

"The prime minister's office. In a first-world democracy. Controlling a major media network. We did not make this up."
Unlike the ephemeral "soldiers with guns in our streets," we have the very real and menacing prospect of a major national media chain being bulldozed into a blatant propaganda tool by and for the party in power.

"There's been a tendency in the Canadian media to dismiss the threat of a Fox News transplant on the grounds Canadians wouldn't fall for that sort of nasty, right-wing extremism," she[Linda McQuaig] writes. "But that comforting notion may be naïve." Most people don't have time to follow politics in detail, she continues. "If they hear constant sound bites suggesting global warming is a hoax or public health care just doesn't work, after a while the message starts to seem believable."

And further along...

She points out the media already blasts Canadians with a steady chorus of right-wing ideas. "A Fox-style network here - if Harper gets his way - would turn that into a deafening cacophony."
It all makes soldiers with guns on Canada's streets more plausible with every passing day.

"the media already blasts Canadians with a steady chorus of right-wing ideas" Linda McQuaig

I don't know what Linda McQuaig is mainlining, but it's doing strange things to her brain. The Toronto Star is the largest-circulation daily in Canada. The Globe and Mail, which simultaneously, along with rabble, publishes Rick Salutin is the next largest. And then there's The CB frikin' C. This is "a steady chorus of right-wing ideas"!?

Being continually marginalized at the fringes of society must be terrifying enough for the rabbleoids. Toronto is on the verge of throwing out a socialist city council and voting in fiscally-conservative Rob Ford. Stephen Harper has been Prime Minister for 4 years, being the most popular national party in the last 2 elections and the NDP has made zero headway, despite the Looney Left's all-out efforts.

And here comes another network that takes a different ideological position to rabble's and isn't going to be financed by Syd Ryan! How dare we have a marketplace of ideas and a free press that doesn't enforce only the ideologically approved dogma of the 3 witches (Judy Rebick/Naomi Klein/Libby Davies)!?

If you want a laugh, you can read the entire column here at rabble.ca

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