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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Here's one you don't see every day: Protester cries "discrimination" for NOT being arrested by police

The moonbat Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, headed by angry malcontent John Clarke, led a protest at the Liberal Party headquarters in Toronto on July 21, 2010.

According to CTV news: 11 people were taken into custody. Two were released shortly afterwards while the remaining activists remained in custody overnight."A small group of OCAP members forced their way into the offices and refused to leave," police said in a news release.  Nine people between the ages of 23 and 64 were arrested and charged with mischief interfering with property and forcible entry.

The two people taken into custody and released were Anne Abbott, who uses a wheelchair, and her communication assistant, Lenny Olin. With the exception of Abbott and Olin, the protesters were held overnight because each accused person would need to line up a surety to put up money for them.

According to the report in rabble.ca, the neo-Marxist website founded by Judy Rebick and published by Libby Davies' spouse, Kim Elliott:

Two other individuals involved in the protest -- Anne Abbott who uses a wheelchair and her communication assistant, Lenny Olin -- were subjected to radically different treatment. At the protest, it was reported that the police declared their intention to arrest Lenny and 'drop Anne off at a hospital'. When this was obviously strongly objected to by Abbott, they decided to give them both summonses to appear in court for trespass and, eventually, released them.

Now you'd normally think most people would be happy about not having to spend the night in jail. But not Ms. Abbott. Rabble reports the following statement from Anne Abbott:
"They questioned everybody except me, and I felt they thought I was incapable of giving any valid information. With the examples of the abuse on disabled people during the g20 and my recent experience, it's obvious that ableism is running rampant through the Toronto police."
Right. The evil Toronto police are practicing discriminatory "ableism" by not throwing her in jail.

I'm sure rabble would have given much better press to the police if they had thrown a disabled, wheelchair-bound woman in the slammer.

Is Marxism a form of mental illness that causes its adherents to become incoherently stupid, or is that asking a chicken-and-egg type question?


Blazingcatfur said...

Oh cripes my head hurts now.

Anonymous said...

""They questioned everybody except me,...""

I guess it has something to do with her street creds.

Patrick Ross said...

I had no idea Libby Davies was married to a woman, and that her spouse is the publisher of Rabble.

It explains so much about that website.

Anonymous said...

Thanks oh ghostly one ... that was the best laugh I have had today and believe me I have been laughing plenty. Just gotta watch the Nasser woman on CP24 talking about Rob Ford and you will get cramps from bending double with laughter.